Excerpt # 2 from The End: Anthology.

This is an excerpt from the precursor of the climax in a short story called Gabriel Sohlers. It is not majorly relevant to the key messages of the plot, in fact it is just an ending development of the main character. It is so random that it wont reveal anything relative to the narrative’s twists. This one is more grittier than the others, even more so than Two Homes. (I’ve worked very hard on the ending scene for that one). Gabriel Sohlers is about a child care operator who deals with a perplexing ethical issue involving two fathers that compromises her legal obligations as a child care worker and her own moral compass as a mother. I would imagine this would be the heaviest to read. The fourth story has been begun but it is my flimsiest yet so that will take longer. The title is imperative to one of the key messages in the plot. Ultimately it is a portrait of the inadequacies of the law and compliance in modern society. Well the one that I know at least. The story takes place over eight years. The excerpt is below.

I strolled like it was a normal reasonable day to the car and tapped his window. His head harpoons to me like a quick parrot. As this happened I had tried the door handle but it was locked. ‘What d!-‘ He saw who I was and it was in that moment of understanding, drawing on the look of revenge on my face, he thought it safe to turn on the ignition and drive away from where I stood outside his glass barrier of protection. I couldn’t let that happen. For me, at that moment, it was as if that the generational angst scourged by this man could not move on to its home forgiven. That’s right fucker, look surprised, you’re going to feel something fresh and new extremely shortly. Deftly lifting the steel can of peaches from the plastic bag with my right hand, it took three smashes to break through the glass. Something had taken over me. When the local community ‘pillar’ punched me in the breast with his right hand whilst his left hand was on the steering wheel, Todd opened the passenger door and scrambled out of the vehicle. ‘GET BACK IN HERE SON!’ He took his foot off the pedal and turned his head, sprinkled with glass fragments, trying to intimidate me with that repulsive and absolutely arrogant and deadly glare. I was looking at him the whole time. At least I don’t try and act like someone I am not. His perverse punch had hurt but I wasn’t backing down. It took more punches to my face, slicing my arm a bit on the smashed window, but I gripped the door handle and dragged the stupid thing painfully open. Gabriel leaped out like a leopard and pounced on top of my slow turning frame. I didn’t see where Todd went. The father on top of me punched me in the face, my head shooting to the side like a rolling bowling ball. For five seconds I was seeing little meteors like white droplets glittering in all directions across my ageing sight. By the time it returned to normal, I pushed my aching self-up from the spattered asphalt below me and saw him again, dragging his son into the car on the other side. He saw me and threw his son into the passenger side. Few seconds before he would be on me again, trying to get away from the scene. I emptied all of the contents out of my bag except the glass wine bottle and I flexed my fingers around the thin handles behind my back. I pretended to back off when he rounded maliciously the corner of his car with his fingers spindled flamingly on the bonnet. I had really ticked off the man. I counted down. He was preparing to hurt me again. One. As he drew his fist back fleetingly from his side as he was one foot away from me, I tried to be quicker with my right hand, pivoting the left side of my body for momentum. Two. Fuck it. He’s doing it too early.

He was the victim for the first time in the eight years I knew him. A purple coloured circle with a smudge of red was evident in his left temple, it was there immediately after we both heard the sound of glass breaking and shards tearing. His eye closest to the canyon-like abrasion was locked shut and grimacing and tightly. It was right then and there that I laid into him.


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